May 2008

The Scientific Programs Committee for the 2008 CLAO Annual Meeting is calling for Free Paper submissions. The deadline for submission is July 31, 2008. To obtain a Free Paper Submission form, visit the CLAO Web site at or contact us directly at (877) 501-3937. You may also e-mail CLAO at . The 2008 CLAO Annual Meeting will be held September 12-13, 2008, at the Westin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CLAO members may access the association’s scientific journal online at . On your first visit to the site, you are able to register by using your CLAO member number with the letters ICL placed in front of the number, e.g., ICL232323. You will also need to use the email address you provided to CLAO for your membership data. Registration for site use is very quick and easy.

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO®) and the JCAHPO Education and Research Foundation are offering a number of scholarships for ophthalmic medical personnel (OMP) as follows: 1) Continuing Education Scholarships to assist OMP’s who wish to attend JCAHPO’s 2008 Annual Continuing Education program in Atlanta, GA on November 7 – 11 th. 2) Certification scholarships to assist with examination costs for OMP wishing to advance in the field and 3) Virginia Boyce Service Award recipients are granted a stipend to attend JCAHPO’s 2008 Annual Continuing Education program. This award was established to honor Mrs. Boyce on her retirement after 18 years of dedicated service to JCAHPO and its Education and Research Foundation. This award is presented each year to ophthalmic medical personnel (preferably JCAHPO-certified) who have made outstanding voluntary public service contributions in the assistance of eye care and prevention of vision loss. Application and guidelines are available at . Questions may be addressed to Carol Kofoed, Foundation Manager, at (651) 731-7246.

The 2008 CLAO Annual Meeting will be held on September 12 - 13, at the Westin Causarina in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting will immediately follow the CLAO ERF Scientific Symposium that will be held September 11 - 12, 2008.

Information in this section has been provided to CLAO by press releases and other means. CLAO does not warranty its accuracy, nor does notice of a product in this section constitute an endorsement by CLAO.

The Aspen Corneal Society will hold its 29 th Annual Meeting at the Silvertree Hotel in Snowmass, CO, on February 14-21, 2009. Inquiries may be directed to Mitchell H. Friedlaender, MD at or FAX to (858) 554-6150. You may also visit their Web site at

CLAO “Did you Know?”
Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), developed in 1934, was the first plastic used for corneoscleral lenses. In 1948, Kevin Touhy was granted a patent for a corneal contact lens using PMMA.



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