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CLAO announces its next meeting will be a major international meeting to be held June 12 - 15, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.  Programming is being developed by Dr. Debbie Jacobs, Scientific Programs Chair,along with the CLAO Scientific Programs Committee. Clinicians and researchers in the fields of contact lens, anterior segment, and ocular surface disease from the United States, Canada, and around the world will be presenting the latest advances. Topics covered will include:

  • What's New for Keratoconus 
    • Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: International Update
    • Specialty Soft Lenses and Hybrid Lenses
    • Scleral RGP Lenses
  • Orthokeratology: Threat or Opportunity?
  • Aspherics, Wavefront-Optimized Contact Lenses, and  Wavefront-Guided Contact Lenses 
  • Choosing an IOL: Imaging, Optics, Visual Acuity and Visual Function
  • Contact Lens as Part of Your Practice: Business Aspects of  Prescribing and Dispensing
  • Risk Management/Ethics
  • Contact Lens as a Therapeutic Platform 
    • Drug Delivery
    • Myopia Control
  • Contact Lens Discomfort: New Options, New Directions

Additional information will be available soon at


CLAO held its annual symposium at the 2013 ASCRS Symposium and Congress in San Francisco, California.  The symposium was entitled "Problems Post-Op: Pain and Inflammation in the Refractive Surgery Patient."  The Symposium was very well received.One of the highlights of this symposium was the delivery of the 2013 Richard L. Lindstrom MD Lecture by Steven E. Wilson, MD entitled "LASIK, Dry Eye, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: What All Surgeons Need to Know."At the end of the presentation Dr. Wilson received an award from CLAO President Warren (Chip) R. Fagadau, MD and Richard L. Lindstrom, MD.  


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"Harold A. Stein, MD, is a distinguished professor of ophthalmology at the University of Toronto. He earned his medical degree from the University of Toronto, completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and earned his FRCSC from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ottawa, Canada.  In the 1960s, Dr. Stein founded the first Ophthalmic Assistant Association in North America, organized the first course for ophthalmic assistants, and co-authored The Ophthalmic Assistant, a textbook now in its ninth edition. By the 1970s, Dr. Stein was a leader in the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (CLAO), for which he organized educational programs for residents and technicians. In 1984, he was named the first Canadian president of CLAO. He has also held leadership positions in the Ontario Medical Association, the Joint Commission of Allied Health Professionals, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, among many others.   
As the longstanding chief of ophthalmology at Scarborough General Hospital (Toronto), Dr. Stein has been honored by many professional, municipal, and civic organizations. In 1987, he established the Charitable Eye Foundation at the Bochner Eye Institute, where he serves as director. He was the chairman of the annual Toronto Eye Meetings (1972-1994) and founded the first government-funded surgical eye center in Canada in 1993. Dr. Stein has been the author or co-author of more than 200 scientific and educational articles and 37 books, many of which are in multiple editions and available in many countries. His humanitarian eye-care efforts have taken him to Haiti, Malta, Peru, Cyprus, and Kenya."  
Dr. Stein was recently honored at the Opening General Session during the 2013 ASCRS Symposium & Congress meeting, April 19-23 in San Francisco.


CLAO will be hosting the following educational programs at the 2013 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting:  A 90-minute Symposium titled "Keratoconus: Past, Present and Future," a two-hour Skills Transfer Course and a Didactic Course on contact lenses in the ophthalmology practice.  Additional information on these activities will be reported in future issues of CLAO eNews.  For information on the AAO Program visit their meeting website. 


The European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists (ECLSO) will be holding its annual meeting October 25- 27, 2013 in Munich, Germany.  CLAO Board Members Bruce R. Koffler, MD and Deborah S. Jacobs, MD will be presenting at the meeting.  For program and registration information, visit 


Information in this section has been provided to CLAO by press releases, online sources and other means. CLAO does not warranty its accuracy; nor does notice of a product in this section constitute an endorsement by CLAO.
Alcon, Inc., announced that SIMBRINZA™ 1%/0.2% (brinzolamide/brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic suspension) is now approved.  "SIMBRINZA™ Suspensionis the only available
beta-blocker-free combination.  SIMBRINZA™ Suspension is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension."
Full information is available at
In other news, the company has sponsored a supplement to the Contact Lens Spectrum entitled "The Science of Peroxide for Contact Lens Disinfection."  This publication may be viewed at
Avada Hearing Care offers hearing services for the eyecare professional.  The company's "Complete Hearing Clinic Program" includes: an Avada Hearing Care Trained Licensed Dispenser, Complete Diagnostic & Office Equipment, Patient Management Systems and Marketing and Support.  For more information visit
British Contact Lens Association (BCLA)on contact lens consumer attitudes in Briton:
About half of all contact lens wearers have used, considered or researched buying contact lenses online, according to new consumer research to be shared during the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Business Day on Sunday 9 June at Manchester Central, UK.  The inaugural BCLA Business Day, themed 'Understanding the business of contact lenses', will feature presentations by experts from within and outside the industry on a range of contact lens business-related topics, such as customer excellence, market trends and maximizing online opportunities.  Business Day delegates will also hear the results of a major new study conducted by the Association of Contact lens Manufacturers (ACLM) in association with Optician magazine, revealing consumers' attitudes to contact lens purchasing. The research was conducted in March 2013 by market research company, TNS Global, using an online, self-completion survey. A total of 2,463 British adults aged 16 and over completed the survey, which explores five key areas in relation to contact lens habits and attitudes:
•    Loss of sales to the internet
•    Poor customer loyalty
•    Low footfall in practices
•    Dropout from contact lens wear
•    Health and health scares
Among the key findings are:
•    10% of contact lens wearers usually buy their lenses over the internet but a further 17% have bought online in the past and a further 26% have considered or researched it 
•    41% of wearers say they are likely to consider buying contact lenses over the internet in future 
•    The overriding reason for buying lenses online is price (91%) 
•    84% of wearers have never discussed buying contact lenses over the internet with their optician
BCLA Business Day Chair, Peter Ivins, said: "The aims of this research are to show practitioners how they are viewed by their patients, motivate them to improve their practice strategies and help them to increase their contact lens business. I believe the results represent a real wake-up call for practitioners, and look forward to sharing and discussing the full results with BCLA Business Day delegates in Manchester next month." A Sunday-only rate is available for the Business Day, which is sponsored by Alcon, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. It will also give delegates entry to the industry exhibition (10am to 2:30pm), lunch and refreshments, and the chance to hear from 2013-14 BCLA President, Andy Yorke, during the closing ceremony. Download the full business day program and information at
Paragon BioTeck, Inc. a privately held biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and therapies, announced on March 21, 2013 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved its New Drug Application (NDA) for Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, USP 2.5% and 10%, to dilate the pupil.
"This approval represents an important milestone not only for Paragon, but also within the eye care community as a whole," said Patrick Witham, President and CEO of Paragon. Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution has been marketed without FDA approval for decades, and during that time has been administered to millions of patients. With the increase in drug manufacturers domestically and abroad, FDA oversight over drug products is more important than ever. The FDA approval process is in place to ensure both that a drug is safe and that it's manufactured under appropriate controls and oversight."
About Paragon BioTeck, Inc: 
Paragon BioTeck is a privately held ophthalmic-focused biopharmaceutical and medical device company pursuing the development and commercialization of products addressing unmet medical needs in the fight to protect and preserve eyesight. For more information on the company and its work, visit
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is urging ophthalmologists to report occurrences of adverse patient reactions caused by decorative contact lenses to its MedWatch program. The FDA is emphasizing the need to report adverse reactions, especially if the lenses were purchased without a prescription, as the agency can only take action against illegal sellers when violations are reported.  Consumers can report decorative lens-related problems directly to their local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator. 
THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE®, LLC announced on May 2, 2013 that its ODLean™ Consulting Program is expanding its program offerings to better help eye care practitioners manage patient flow, increase productivity, improve patient experience, and boost profits.Available to doctors and their staff, Operating a Lean Practice is a one-day seminar covering three areas: patient scheduling, clinical balance, and effective communication.  Led by ODLean™ experts, attendees will learn how to create a customized patient schedule taking under consideration different patient types and shared office resources.  They also will be taught how to structure their clinical workload to ensure doctors and technicians are in-sync, and communications techniques that allow for effective patient hand-off from technician to doctor and from doctor to optician.  The seminar will be conducted in multiple locations across the country at a fee of $350 per attendee.
ODLean™ Consulting is also launching a series of e-learning modules that are based on learnings from more than 300 ODLean™ consulting engagements and observations across the United States and Canada.  The modules will be available through starting in mid to late 2013.  The first module is titled "What is 'Lean'?" and addresses the "Lean" business philosophy of making multistep improvements to drive meaningful change across every aspect of your business.  Future module topics include scheduling, clinical balance, communications, change management, and slit lamping, among others.  The modules range in duration from five to 20 minutes, and are intended to be "bite-sized" for quick learning and implementation.  Each module will follow a Learn, See, and Do approach in which ODLean™ will discuss the topic, demonstrate what it looks like in practice, and then provide several action items the viewer can immediately implement.
The new ODLean™ iPad® application, called ODLean™ Patient Experience, is a diagnostic tool that allows eye care practices to track patient flow, see in real-time where there are bottlenecks, and immediately make changes that will improve flow and efficiency.  The application will send data to a web portal on where subscribers can access their metrics.  This web portal will also be available mid to late 2013.  ODLean™ Patient Experience can be found in the iTunes® Store (for best results, search for the application by its complete title).
"The new ODLean™ offerings equip practices with the knowledge and tools they need to move patients through the office in a manner that limits waste and increases value," says Chuck Smith, Field Consultant, ODLean™ Consulting. "They help doctors improve patient flow and patient experience, increase staff satisfaction and practice productivity, and ultimately realize greater profitability."
For more information, including seminar locations and registration, visit
ODLean™ is a trademark of THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE®, LLC.
iPad® and iTunes® are trademarks of Apple.


The European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists (ECLSO) will be holding its annual meeting October 25- 27, 2013 in Munich, Germany.  For more information, visit
The 2013 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting is scheduled for November 15-19, in New Orleans, LA.  JCAHPO holds its annual ACE meeting in conjunction with the AAO.
The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 25-29, 2014 in Boston, MA.  For more information visit
OLA and 12M Loans - Financial help towards your health. Meeting will be held June 12–14, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit,

The CLAO International Symposium & Congress is being planned by the CLAO Scientific Programs Committee to be held June 12 - 15, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.  Information on this meeting will soon be available on the CLAO website at 


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